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Cling On! Short Brush.  With its short handle and synthetic filaments by DuPont, it is perfect for just about any project!

Cling On Shorty Brushes

PriceFrom £17.09
    • Always wet your Cling On Brush before using, this allows the filaments to absorb water and not your paint. This allows for an easier flow and easier cleaning.
    • Keep your brush wet, this can take some getting used to. Dipping your brush in water from time to time, and dabbing off any excess on a paper towel before continuing to paint.
    • DO NOT REMOVE THE STRING, this is part of the design and helps keep your brush in tip top shape. 
    • DO NOT wrap your brush in plastic wrap or a plastic bag
    • To clean you can place your brush in a jar of water not past the ferrule (metal part) just its feet. You can keep it elevated with a band/clip, or whatever works for you. You can do this between coats and when you begin to paint just dab off the excess water. 
    • These brushes are designed to be self cleaning and you will notice the paint running into the water, make sure to change the water regularly, and before use rinse with warm water to get any excess paint off. 
    • You can use a brush soap to clean 
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