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Dabs dried and cured finish has an increased flexibility quality thanks to the soya bean extract component in its formula. This means the paint finish is quite forgiving when it comes to knocks and scratches.


Dab paints have an excellent gripping agents within the paint to give excellent adhesion to your surface. Just be sure to pick the right colour the first time around, as taking it off is no easy task!


Dab paints use natural earth pigments giving great depth and intensity. With the stir in technology you will find no settlement or separation of colourant, resulting in an even and streak free finish.


Dab paint has great water resistant qualities allowing you to use this paint on your exterior projects.


Dab paints offer UV protection, the colour will remain vibrant for much longer outdoors or by a window.


Dab paints are water-based, but the components in our formula make the viscosity of the paint lovely and velvety. Suitable for multiple surfaces with its increased flexibility.


Dab paints have a top coat built into the paint formula to protect the finish. Dab paints curing time is around 14 days. High traffic areas like your dining table, chairs, desk tops, it is recommended you add a top coat for more durability to protect the paint over a prolonged period of time.



The Outer Sleeve

They are made from recycled cardboard which means they have already started life in another form, they are fully recyclable, biodegradable and can be composted as even the inks used to print are made from

organic materials which mean they break down naturally just like the cardboard itself.

Although as a society we are great at putting items into the correct recycling bins, this doesn't necessarily mean all the items get recycled in the way you intend. So we have added a little something special to help this process.

Each 500ml pot comes with seed paper, so you lovely people can grow a beautiful plant straight out of the sleeve, and after germination, just plant the whole sleeve into your flower bed. Not only will you be composting the packaging, but you will be giving back to the planet a plant that was once used to make our organic paint formula, thus restoring the balance.


The Inner Tin

The inner paint tin is made from 100% recycled steel/tinplate and is a material that is  practically infinitely recyclable. It is ethically sourced, safe, clean and non toxic which makes it the perfect eco-friendly vessel for our paints and the right choice for our environment.

Did you know that more than 15 million tons of steel/tinplate is recycled each year making it the worlds most recycled material!

Recycling doesn't always mean melting it down and starting again, you can re-use and re-purpose the tins. They make for great mixing pots or paint brush holders. Let's think outside the box, be mindful and take a step back from our "throw away" habits.


Remember reuse, reduce, recycle and paint the planet happy!

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